Weekly Devlog #6: Marketing Corrupted Oath


Hello, everyone!

This will be the final weekly devlog for Corrupted Oath. I plan on putting my focus and energy toward my next game, which I will be revealing very soon with a playable demo! 

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This week, we're going to be discussing the marketing side of things and what I tried to do to get Corrupted Oath into the eyes of potential customers.

--Marketing: Reddit Advertising--

Reddit advertising seemed like a no brainer at first. Deemed as the front page of the internet, it would be foolish to skip out on an opportunity to show off my game on relevant subreddits. So I got to work. I made a Reddit Ads account, targeted subreddits of interest, and paid for a few weekends to see how things would turn out. Not to my surprise, the ad wasn't receiving almost any clicks. The impressions were there, though. It looked like people would see the ad, and skip over it entirely, not interested in what they were seeing.

So I had some adjusting to do.

The ad had a one minute trailer attached to it named "Corrupted Oath Reveal Trailer". I asked myself, "would anyone who knows nothing about your game be bothered to watch a full minute of your work browsing through Reddit?" The answer is no. Most of the time, people are scrolling through their feed really fast, not bothering to check out most posts.

I thought if I could make a six second gif showcasing the battle system, instead of showing the one minute trailer, it would garner more clicks to the itchio page. I also targeted many more subreddits, this time. Almost twice as many.

The results were much better than before, but not great. My predictions were somewhat true: adding a gif that would play automatically, as opposed to letting the user hit the play button on a one minute video, meant their attention was held onto immediately. Knowing this, the likelihood of them clicking was much greater.

Sadly, this was my last Reddit ad for Corrupted Oath. If I had done a bit more exposure, I'm sure I would've generated a respectable amount of traffic. But alas, I settled for what I had, and was quite proud I was able to figure out some marketing tactics to use for any future products.

I posted to indie and gaming related subreddits as well, but those didn't garner nearly as much attention as my second Reddit advertisement. I had the idea of pitching my game to YouTubers. I haven't gotten around to doing that yet, but I will at some point. The game is free, so it's not like there's the pressure to sell thousands of copies or anything, but more exposure will only benefit me and my upcoming projects.

--To Wrap Up...--
Thanks for reading Weekly Devlog #6!

Check out the Corrupted Oath demo here: https://cracked-walnut.itch.io/corrupted-oath (download link is at the bottom of the page)
The FULL game is also out now... for FREE! Yes you read that right folks. Full game is located in the same link.

Leave your feedback on the Corrupted Oath Discord server: https://discord.gg/eAssA8y

Thanks for your time and support :)

- Cracked_Walnut

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