Weekly Devlog #2: Community


Hello, everyone!

I will be doing weekly development log updates for a few weeks leading up to the release of  Corrupted Oath. Follow me on itch.io to not miss out on information you may find value in  (https://cracked-walnut.itch.io/corrupted-oath), especially if you're planning on working  on a long-term project, such as myself.

This week, I'd like to talk about and mention some names that really, REALLY contributed to this project, making it become a reality. If it wasn't for the names mentioned here, Corrupted Oath would not have been finished in a year and three months. This game would've taken me at least another three years to get off the ground.

--Plugin Contributors--

In RPG Maker MV, there are these things called plugins, which are JavaScript files. These files can be used to improve your game in a variety of different ways. Literally anything you can think of. It's only limited by what you can develop.

Some big time developers of the community include Yanfly, who has been around since the inception of RPG Maker MV, If I'm not mistaken. They've developed and tested nearly anything you'll need in your RPG Maker MV games. Features like changing the resolution of your game window, to adding weapon durability to your weapons, to New Game+ features, to a plugin which enables animations on states that do damage each turn. The list goes on. I'll be talking about specific plugins in depth in Weekly Devlog #3: Designing Corrupted Oath.

Galv has some very useful plugins, too, like the menu fade plugin, which fades out the pause menu instead of just appearing and disappearing. Some other features from Galv include something called a "stationary turn", which is basically a delay (counted in frames) before turning to prevent the player from moving. Useful when you want your character to face a certain direction. There is the Choice Pause plugin. If you spam the "A" button through a mountain of text, but just happened to land on a section where you need to make a choice between two dialogue options, this plugin will essentially disable your ability to select an option for x frames. A Quality of Life improvement, but very much appreciated.

Some other names include SumRndmDde, Moghunter, Atreyo Ray, Mr. Trivel, and Hime.

I may have missed a few names, but everybody is appropriately credited within Corrupted Oath's "Credits" menu option.

There were plenty of art and music contributors to Corrupted Oath, as well. They are all credited accordingly, too.

--The RPG Maker Subreddit--

During development time, I didn't interact with the subreddit at all, so I was never offered any feedback on the game, due to my choosing. I wanted to keep the project under the radar and out of sight until it was ready to be released.

However, I have posted some screenshots of a map I scrapped from development. I was given appropriate feedback and ways to improve the design of the setting. The subreddit is the perfect place to have your work critiqued and given pointers on, and I enjoy my time helping others, too.

--To Wrap Up...--

A big and massive thank you to all who helped make this project come true. If it wasn't for the collective efforts of all of these wonderful people, this project may have never been finished.

Next Tuesday, August 27th, I'll be discussing the process I went through to complete Corrupted Oath, from mapping, to enemy choices, to skills, to the battle system, to plugins, etc. in Weekly Devlog #3: Designing Corrupted Oath.

Check out the Corrupted Oath demo here: https://cracked-walnut.itch.io/corrupted-oath (download link is at the bottom of the page)

Leave your feedback on the Corrupted Oath Discord server: https://discord.gg/eAssA8y

Thank you for reading Weekly Devlog #2! 

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